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Sound financial systems are key to a successful audit.

Whether in response to the needs of stakeholders, funders, or regulatory agencies, audits are part of good governance for non-profit organizations. They can also be demanding on the time and resources of the organization. Bartel & Associates has extensive experience in working with organizations to support the audit process through solid preparation for the audit, develop timely and complete responses to auditor requests and help implement audit recommendations. B&A senior staff are also well-versed in the requirements for the management of federal awards and support organizations undergoing a federal compliance review.

Audit Preparation is becoming more and more important, especially as the effects of Sarbanes Oxley works its way through accounting and audit standards that affect more than publicly traded companies. With in-depth knowledge of government regulations, and accounting and auditing standards, B&A helps clients prepare for audits— minimizing or eliminating potential findings.

Audit Responses can have very real financial consequences. B&A works with clients to respond to audit findings both by correcting the underlying problem and presenting the organization’s case in an organized and persuasive manner, well-grounded in the regulations and supported by the client’s records. B&A has a strong track record of positive outcomes in audit resolutions.



Good financial management is integral to the successful achievement of an organization’s mission.


No matter what your mission, the successful implementation of government grants requires a sound understanding of regulations and the strategic use of financial resources.


B&A is expert at analyzing financial information to help shape growth strategies as well as avoid pitfalls that can derail organizational plans.


B&A supports the audit process through solid preparation for the audit, develops timely and complete responses to auditor requests and helps implement audit recommendations.

CFO Services

Effective accounting leaders of B&A excel at performing Controller and CFO functions for growing for-profit and non-profit organizations. They thrive on improvement of clients' bottomline.


A non-profit’s 990 is more than just an information return. You can use it to tell the public your organization’s accomplishments.

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