Helping non-profits receive the high-quality financial management services they deserve.

Good financial management is integral
to the successful achievement of an
organization’s mission.

or, as B&A prefers, right-sourcing, provides non-profits with tailored solutions to their financial management needs. Small non-profits face the same financial management issues as large ones. By outsourcing their accounting requirements, small non-profits get the full benefit of a large non-profit accounting department without the cost of hiring the range of people and skills related thereto. Larger non-profits can benefit from outsourcing particular aspects of their accounting.

Full Service:

B&A’s full service outsourcing essentially replaces the accounting department of a non-profit. B&A staff performs all functions typically performed by the accounting department including, bookkeeping, payroll, financial statement preparation, grants management, audit preparation and management, budgeting and human resources. B&A secure online information technology provides clients maximum access to accounting information and records, at the same time assuring the integrity of the accounting system. Accounting is done on B&A premises, saving money for clients since they don’t have to spend funds on costly office space.

On Premises: 

For clients who prefer to maintain an accounting function in their own office, B&A staff come at set times and perform the needed services—either full accounting or supervising the organization’s bookkeeping staff and performing the monthly close. B&A uses online information technology to link to the accounting system and records so that questions that arise in-between visits can be answered.

Financial Statement Review:

A third level of accounting services is the periodic review of the accounting books to assure that an organization’s own staff have properly accounted for the transactions. In all cases, B&A works with its clients to tailor its services to their specific needs. B&A will conduct an initial analysis of your organization’s accounting needs at no charge. 



Good financial management is integral to the successful achievement of an organization’s mission.


No matter what your mission, the successful implementation of government grants requires a sound understanding of regulations and the strategic use of financial resources.


B&A is expert at analyzing financial information to help shape growth strategies as well as avoid pitfalls that can derail organizational plans.


B&A supports the audit process through solid preparation for the audit, develops timely and complete responses to auditor requests and helps implement audit recommendations.

CFO Services

Effective accounting leaders of B&A excel at performing Controller and CFO functions for growing for-profit and non-profit organizations. They thrive on improvement of clients' bottomline.


A non-profit’s 990 is more than just an information return. You can use it to tell the public your organization’s accomplishments.

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